Ultra Powerful Weight Loss Subliminal!  MP3 - 30 Minutes

Ultra Powerful Weight Loss Subliminal - Works FAST. You'll be eager to exercise, eat healthier, and just get busier than you've been in a LONG time!  (I've dropped 20 lbs in less than a month... honestly).

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Our subliminal messages will allow you to:

erase any negative thoughts... in turn, helping you to lose weight, stop smoking, end any negative emotions and/or behaviors, end any anxiety, and give your brain the kind of boost that will kickstart your life!

We've been listening to subliminal recordings since 1985 and graduated from a very well known recording/engineering school in 1986. With computers on the scene and always getting better, we've come up with many exciting subliminal recordings that we produce on a daily basis and we believe you'll love them as much as we do! If you were considering hypnosis... give these a try first. You simply listen and it takes zero effort on your part.

Only positive affirmations are recorded to bring you what you most desire... financial freedom to get and do the things you want in life. Purchase yours today and see for yourself!

Here's a sample of what's inside...

I am a healthy and happy person.

I love myself and my life.

My health is improving and so is my life.

I am in complete control of my eating habits.

I achieve anything and everything I set my mind to.

I am incredibly motivated everyday!

My motivation improves daily.

I only eat when I'm honestly hungry.

I am losing weight every minute of every day.

My body is an incredibly efficient fat burning machine.

I always feel good about myself.

My metabolism is increasing daily.

My body burns through fat efficiently and quickly.

I'm completely healthy and happy as I lose the weight.

I am fully in charge of my life and enjoy my self confidence.

I love to exercise daily.

I lose weight easily because I eat the best, healthiest foods.

I'm excited to see my slimmer, healthier self everyday I look into the mirror!

I am reaching my goals, one day at a time.

Eating right is good for me and I enjoy it.

Others are motivated by my weight loss success.

Exercise makes me feel great and really speeds up my weight loss.

My body is becoming more attractive each day.

I eat what's healthy for me.

I feel more attractive everyday with my new, slimmer me.

I wake up refreshed and motivated to eat right and exercise every day.

My positive motivation grows by leaps and bounds daily.

I love being and feeling physically fit.

I am in control of my weight and how I look.

I am in control of my life everyday and it's easy for me.

I look after myself and enjoy eating healthy, good tasting food.

Exercise makes me feel amazing.

I only eat healthy food that makes me feel wonderful and energized for my day.

I have the strength and determination to reach my ideal weight.

This is easy for me, to succeed, because I'm a strong person with a strong will.

I crave only those foods which help me reach my goals.

I believe in myself 100%.

My willpower is astounding.

I wake up refreshed and motivated to eat right and exercise every day.

I am well liked by everyone I meet.

I deserve the best that life has to offer.

I am grateful for the person I am, and the person I'm becoming.

I wake up refreshed and motivated to eat right and exercise every day.

Eating right and losing weight is so easy for me.

This is an effortless journey that I enjoy everyday.

Eating right is so easy for me and people are amazed by me.

I love my life so much.

I'm NOW reaching my ideal weight and couldn't be happier!


Our self-help subliminal mp3s are sold as educational aids only - we cannot claim any medical benefits. Nothing in our product range is a substitute for proper health care. Consult your doctor if you have questions regarding any health issues. Do NOT operate any machinery including driving a car while listening to these recordings.

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